Mardin Artuklu University’s vision is to be a contemporary, respected, and unique place for social sciences to carry Middle East's socio-cultural and historical heritage from local to universal and our vision is to contribute to this goal in the fields of economics and administrative sciences.



To produce independent scientific knowledge via research, interpretation and evaluation of economic, administrative,  financial, political, socio-cultural, judical, and historical facts and events in the local, national, and international areas and based on this knowledge proposing social politics and to take part in the implementation and observation of this policies.

To educate individuals in intellectual, psychological and material skills that can fulfill personal and societal needs and who are also endowed with information age skills and moral values.



  • Enriching all students with the knowledge in terms of all aspects of economics and administrative sciences; in this context to give them theoretical and practical information.
  • Informing students about other social sciences to provide them with multi-perspectives; in this context, to educate them in areas of Law, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Philosophy, History, and Literature as well.
  • Informing students about Turkey’s and the world's economic and administrative issues and to provide them with the opportunity of researching, analyzing, and interpretation.
  • Training individuals who criticize and question in a positive way, develop proposals and practice for the better.
  • Training students who are capable of making optimal, dynamic, and fast decisions and can meet the expectations of the society and the world.
  • Equipping the graduates with theoretical knowledge and practical skills so that they can move freely among public/private/mixed sectors.